Pixel and Nexus – Google Posts January’s Software Update


Google is renowned for taking security threats very serious and it looks like Google’s motto is “New month, new security patch”. There are many differences between Android and iOS but one major difference is that Google allows everyone to register to their beta program and get their hands on the latest operating system updates. The reasoning behind that is that Google wants to put app developers at an advantage but, on the downside that allows hackers and malicious software developers to meddle with the operating system. In order to stop hackers from exploiting security breaches, Google launches a new security bulletin each month.

It looks like even though the holiday season just passed, Google’s employees have been working hard because January’s factory images and full OTA images for Pixel and Nexus devices have just been posted. Google reported that January’s patch comes in two levels, January 1st and January 5th. Also, the security update fixes 95 major vulnerabilities. Google’s going to push this OTA update in the upcoming days but in case Android power users don’t want to waste any time, they can always manually install the updates. Also worth mentioning is that only Nexus and Pixel devices that already run on a previous version of Android Nougat will receive the update.

January Security Bulletin

  • Nexus 5X (N4F26I)
  • Nexus 6P (N4F26I)
  • Nexus Player (NMF26R)
  • Pixel C (N4F261)
  • Pixel (NMF26U and NMF26V)
  • Pixel XL (NMF26U and NMF26V)

Reports are showing that the reason why Google rushed the release of January’s security bulletin is because there were two major security breaches in the operating system which allowed hackers to access user information. Hackers could trace individual smartphones by checking the unique camera sensor information, but luckily this exploit has been fixed. The second major exploit was related to MMS, mail and text message features. Reports are showing that Android devices could have been remotely controlled without needing user approval.

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