Opto Air VR To Be Launched At MWC 2017

The latest trend in the tech community is virtual reality gadgets and 360 degree content. The VR market seems to be booming as of late with every major tech company launching its own VR headset. Everyone seems to be eager to get their hands on VR content, especially gamers. Sony even went ahead and launched its PlayStation VR which brings console gaming to a whole new level. New tech companies seem popping up on the VR market every day but one of them stands out the most.

The London based tech manufacturer known as Opto is the one to make the biggest waves on the market. Opto started in a crowd funding campaign and now it is ready to launch its first Opto Air. This is a mobile VR headset which has been designed to fit everyone’s needs. What really makes Opto Air stand out is the fact that it is built from really light materials such as foam. Additionally, the upcoming headset is equipped with build in speakers and a 100 degree field of view. All of this is enhanced by Opto’s double-aspheric lenses.

Another thing which makes Opto Air shine over its competition is the fact that this headset is compatible with all mobile devices. Unlike Samsung’s Gear VR and Google’s Daydream View which work only with their own smartphones.

Opto Air has been priced at $122. This is quite affordable, especially when taking in consideration that it comes with its own built in speakers. Additionally, Opto Air has a magnetic cover which helps users connect any device to it. Worth mentioning is that only smartphones with the size between 4 inch to 5.5 inch can fit in Opto Air.

This VR headset is definitely going to be a bestseller. Especially since it has been designed to appeal to the masses and not to only one niche the way Samsung and Google did. Additionally, Opto Air is going to be officially unveiled during February at the MWC 2017 event which takes place in Barcelona. It’s great seeing that the London based tech company started with on a kick started campaign and managed to finally achieve its goal and design Opto Air.

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