Nexus 6P Gets Pixel Exclusive Features and Improvements


The latest operating system update to be launched by Google is Android 7.1.1 Nougat and it arrived to Google’s own Pixel line back in December. Nexus owners had to wait a bit more until their turn came but when it finally did, there was a surprise. Google didn’t include all the features Pixel owners received. This certainly upset Nexus fans, especially since Google Assistant wasn’t included.

Google’s AI assistant is one of Pixel’s selling points and this is the reason why the US based tech giant restrained from installing it on the Nexus lineup. This way customers are more inclined to buy a new Pixel device if they want to receive the full Nougat experience. Well, there is a way around that. As everybody knows by now, Android is open to customization and this allows users of Nexus 6P which is Google’s previous flagship to tweak their devices so that they can get their hands on all Pixel’s exclusive features.

Thanks to Rahul Pillai, Nexus 6P users can download an app straight from the Play Store and all the Pixel exclusive features will be enabled. The app can be found under the appropriate “Pixelize” name. This is great news because until now, the only way to enable Pixel features was to modify Nexus 6P’s build.prop file.

Pixelize Features

  • Google Assistant
  • Pixel Launcehr
  • Fingerprint Gestures
  • Pixel Theme and Wallpapers
  • Night Light Mode (coming soon)

Before heading over and downloading the app, Nexus 6P users need to go over a few prerequisites. Their device must be rooted with TWRP recovery and it must have Android 7.1.1 Developer Preview 1 installed. Make sure that the software build number is “NPF10C” because otherwise the device will be bricked.


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