Nexus 6P And Nexus 6 Google Proves Once Again What Price It Puts On Security


Security is the most important matter these days, especially smartphone security and Google knows that too well. The Android parent proved once again how serious it takes security flaws when it unexpectedly launched January’s security patch which was designed to fix one major threat among minor ones. As everybody is accustomed by now, every month Google launches a new security bulletin and this is one of the advantages that owning an Android brings.

All Nexus users were happy to receive Google’s latest Android 7.1.1 Nougat operating system update, but tweaks and features weren’t the only things brought by the update. A major security breach that affected Nexus 6 and 6P somehow slipped through the cracks. Reports are showing that after upgrading the operating system, the devices were susceptible to hacker attacks.

The security analyst team at IBM X-Force put Nexus 6 and 6P through a bunch of test and found that there’s an Android Debug Bridge (ADB) exploit. In case hackers had physical access to the targeted device, they could connect it through a PC and install malicious software that uses ADB to track the user through GPS and even intercept incoming calls. Gladly, there are no reports to show that someone was affected by this exploit.

When the IBM X-Force report came to light, Google quickly developed a fix and rolled it out OTA (over-the-air). In fact, Google actually launched the security patch before Android users even knew about this issue. This just proves how serious Google takes Android security. We can be sure that this type of major threats will never appear again. The Android parent will surely put its devices through all the security tests from now before launching updates to the wide public.


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