Nexus 6 and Nexus 6P IBM X-Force Reports Major Security Issue

Nexus devices bring a bunch of advantages to the table, but the most important one of them is the fact that Google is the company directly in charge of this brand. This means that Nexus owners are going to receive major software updates ahead of everyone. While this sounds great, it can sometimes backfire because the operating hasn’t gone through all the required testing processes.

A recent report from the security analyst team known as IBM X-Force has brought to light that Google somehow overlooked one major flaw in Android Nougat’s security. A major threat managed to slip through the cracks and it allowed hackers to get access to the targeted device using Google’s Android Debug Bridge. The security team stated that only Nexus 6 and 6P devices were the only ones affected by this issue.

In case readers are wondering why this security flaw is considered as such a huge threat towards users, that’s because hackers could access to all of the device’s information. We’re not talking only about text messages and contacts, hackers actually could track individual users by checking their GPS location or even place calls. Seeing how huge this issue was, Google quickly launched January’s security patch which was designed to fix exactly this problem alongside other minor threats. In fact, Google moved so fast that no one knew about this issue until IBM X-Force’s report came out.

On the bright side, there aren’t any reports to suggest that this method was used by someone. The reason behind that is that hackers would have been required to get physical access to the targeted device and connect it to a PC via USB. Nonetheless, all smartphone users should be careful not to connect their devices to unknown PCs.

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