Nexus 5X Presenting The Full Nougat Experience


Back in December Google launched its latest operating system Android 7.1.1 Nougat to its Pixel and Nexus devices, including the older Nexus 5X. While Nexus 5X users have been glad to be put up to date, one thing certainly upset them. The update has been altered so that their devices won’t receive the full Nougat experience including useful features such as Night Light.

In fact, most of Nexus 5X users were expecting Google to launch this feature during the upcoming weeks but seeing as this didn’t happen they started losing hope. Well, we have a solution for that. Using TWRP recovery and mods from the folks at Tulsadiver, Nexus 5X users can install a bunch of mods on their devices including Night Light.

This comes as a surprise since Google announced that the sole reason why all the Nougat features weren’t included in the Nexus 5X is because the device’s hardware couldn’t support them. Well, it looks like Google was either lying or wrong. Anyways, everyone should know by now that Google is trying to kill off the Nexus brand in order to persuade customers to buy a new Pixel device and not including the full Nougat experience is one of Google’s methods.

Nonetheless, installing the Night Light feature has never been so easy. Using TWRP recovery users can zip flash a bunch of new features. Right now we will go over a few of them, but remember that TWRP recovery is required.

Nexus 5X Mods

  • Night Light
  • 4 column QS tiles
  • 3 Minit battery
  • Internet Speed
  • Battery status in text

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