Nexus 5 Compatible With Ubuntu Phones as of Ubport


Ubuntu Touch fans rejoice, voice call support is finally working on the Ubuntu Touch port that has been designed for Fairphone 2. Making Fairphone 2 compatible with Canonical’s Ubuntu Touch mobile operating system has been one of the biggest challenges Ubport’s developer team has been faced with and it looks like Marius Gripsgard was the one who managed to achieve this right before 2016 ended.

The Ubport developer stated on Google Plus that he finally managed to make voice calls work on Fairphone 2 using only GPS. While voice calling works smoothly, it only works through GPS and the operating system still needs a lot of bug fixing before it can be fully functional. This isn’t the only good news we have, Google’s own Nexus 5 smartphones are now fully functional Ubuntu Phones as well.

These new changes can be found in Ubport’s system image server and Ubuntu Touch fans can install the operating system on their Nexus 5 or Fairphone 2 via the devel_rc-proposed channel, but before doing that we need to warn readers that it’s still a daily build and it presents its fair share of bugs. Nonetheless, these bugs will be fixed along the way especially since users will be connected straight to Ubports sources which will provide them with constant daily updates.

Marius Gripsgard is working on a bunch of different projects now and one of them includes the stabilization of OnePlus One Ubuntu Touch port. This is great news because OnePlus One still presents a bunch of major software issue that really need to be fixed before the device can be used as a Ubuntu Phone daily driver.

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