New Samsung 750 and 950 LED Monitor Specifications Unveiled

Even before CES 2011, these monitors from Samsung had made an appearance and at the show they impressed quite a lot of people. However, little was known about them, and their specifications were still in the dark. The Samsung 950 and 750 are a part of Samsung’s monitor offerings in 2011. There are monitors as well as HDTV/monitor hybrids both of which are capable of 3D.

Both the monitors are available in options of 23-inch and 27-inch sizes and offer a resolution of 1920 x 1080 at a 2ms response time. There is no VGA connectivity, only HDMI suggestive of the fact that VGA is slowly fading away. It has WLED-backlit for all the models and the high-end versions come with the option of 2D to 3D conversion.

The hybrids also have the same resolution, screen sizes and backlit technology but they do offer something extra. They have a response time of 5ms, 2D to 3D conversion for all models, various connectivity options, USB ports, two 7-watt speakers with SRS surround sounds, DTS 2.0 and Dolby Digital decoders.

These sure look like interesting monitors, but honestly 3D still has to impress me and hence these are not the monitors of my choice, just because of those extra dollars I will need to spend for 2D to 3D conversion. Sure, many of you may like these monitors on your desks, but before buying them I would recommend you check the monitor reviews from some of your favorite sites.


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