LG Nexus 5X Big Mistake From Google To Part Ways With Motorola


Google is known for traditionally partnering with other big tech companies and developing great devices, well this was the usual case until a couple of months ago when the Android parent finally launched the first ever Google-made Pixel and Pixel XL devices. The Nexus brand is renowned for having some of the best Android powered devices ever and it all started with Motorola. In fact, Google even acquired Motorola a few years ago but then went on to sell the company to Lenovo.

Motorola created some of the bestselling Android devices alongside Google, but then the two companies parted ways and Google opted to partner up with LG and Huawei. In fact, Google’s latest flagship before Pixel and Pixel XL were launched was the Huawei made Nexus 6P. Even though Nexus 6P is equipped with great hardware pieces which allow users to enjoy stable performances, Android fans are still wondering what would have happened if Google stayed with Motorola.

Not all Nexus devices have been as great as the Motorola build ones, in fact the lowest selling Google device is Nexus 5X. The smartphone is a continuation to the LG-made Nexus 5, the device which made Google’s devices become so popular. The smartphone didn’t appeal at all to customers and even though Google provided deals of $150 discounts via Project Fi, customers still stirred away from the device.

Another reason why Nexus 5X didn’t sell too well is because the device is infamous for having the major bootloop issue. While this problem isn’t widespread, it sure scares customers away. Nonetheless, we can only wonder what great products Google could have created if Motorola would have been still around.

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