LG G6 Teased By Skott Ahn During CES 2017


One of the greatest things about entering in a new year is the fact that CES takes places in early January. During CES all major tech companies attend the event and present their upcoming devices. LG was one of the companies to unveil its upcoming products during CES’s first days and LG fans have been delighted to hear that the South Korean based tech giant is going to launch innovative devices such as Smart InstraView refrigerator, flat TV sets and futuristic looking robots.

While tech savvy fans have gotten enthusiastic about the upcoming LG products, what really riled them up was the fact that LG’s Skott Ahn teased LG G6. The Chief Technologist didn’t point towards an official release date, he just told to the audience that a new LG smartphone is coming. This raised a bunch of questions since everyone is wondering if LG will take the same route it took with LG G5 and install modular accessories.

This probably won’t be the case since sales wise LG G5 is considered to be a failure. The company invested large sums of money in a marketing campaign meant to advertise the modular design used on LG G5 which allowed users to add additional accessories and the campaign hyped fans up but as LG soon found out, even though customers were interested in this product, they weren’t willing to pay additional amounts of money on accessories. We can be sure that the company learned from this mistake and won’t feature the same modular design with LG G6. In fact, reports are showing that the upcoming smartphone is going to be centered more on a sleek design and impressive hardware performances.

Regarding the launch date, LG is speculated to launch the device during the Mobile World Congress which takes place in Barcelona during February. The smartphone is expected to be priced around $500-$600. Nonetheless, February is just around the corner so we don’t have to wait too long.

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