Honor 6X to Sport Dual Camera – Top Flagship Feature on a Budget

Honor 6X

While each individual manufacturer has that “something something” which differentiates it from the competition, they all come with a set of features which are needed to stay relevant and also on top of the charts. One of the hottest features to surface as of late is the dual camera concept. This basically implies that there are two camera lenses on the back of the device instead of one. Apple’s decision of joining the dual camera hype has led to a wider popularization of the idea, and the latest manufacturer to pick up on it is Honor.

That brings us to Honor 6X, the upcoming device from the aforementioned company, which features (you guessed it) a dual camera setup. This can potentially be a big success for Honor, as it will come with a feature worthy of Apple’s upcoming flagship. The catch is, however, that the Honor 6X will be priced at around $250, which is miles behind the next iPhone. Having access to a dual camera phone for only a portion of the price you would need to pay for a new iPhone indeed sounds like an enticing idea.

Of course, many will start to wonder whether the setup featured on the Honor handset will be able to even compete against the Apple device. The price tag is a strong indicator about the quality of the each smartphone. The 6X seems to be able to hold its own however, as it comes with a 12 MP shooter, coupled with a smaller 2 MP monochrome lens that will enhance aperture specifications.

The photos you do take with the Honor 6X can be viewed on the phone’s 5.5 inch display which will more than suffice if you’re not looking for a true phablet. Those interested in the device will be able to purchase it starting with the 4th of January 2017.

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