GPS issues on Android devices from Samsung or HTC can now be easily solved

Android phones are great for a lot of reasons. Whether you’re looking at their connectivity with other smart media or the wide array of entertainment solutions they can provide, or even at how they can manipulate and store data, there’s always something for everyone. One of the great features of any smart device is the GPS functionality. This functionality alone can even go as far as to save your life. Of course, everyone knows what a GPS does. Whenever you’re in a place that you’re not familiar with, you can just pop out the smartphone and get instant directions for wherever you need to be.

However, it can be very frustrating if your phone’s GPS functionality stops working as intended and you have a faulty GPS to work with. This is something many might think would require bringing the device into a shop, but it’s not. You can pretty much get a better reading on your phone’s GPS and also enhance it (aka tweak its settings) so that it performs better.

There’s also the possibility that your GPS feature could be affected by your phone’s individual power management settings. Recent smartphone models come with advanced power management features that turn off non-vital elements when the battery is getting low. This prevents the phone from dying as quickly by shutting down anything that isn’t crucial such as the phone functions.

If your device is configured so that it also turns off or adjust the GPS feature while its power management tool is active, you need to manually head over to the settings section and configure it. Usually you will be able to find settings pertaining to this particular inquiry under Battery. While the specific name of the settings tab might differ, you can get an idea of where to go by looking for the word “battery”.

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