Google’s Android 2.4 is Ice Cream Sandwich

Jason Kincaid, from TechCrunch has got some delicious information from the man behind Android, Andy Rubin. In a recent report he has mentioned that the upcoming version of Android, probably 2.4 will be called Ice Cream Sandwich, it is just getting bigger isn’t it?

If you are not yet aware about the naming convention behind Android, let us tell you something. Since, launch it has been going in an alphabetical order starting with Donut, Éclair, Froyo, Gingerbread and then Honeycomb, keeping this in mind many had already guessed the next in queue would be Ice Cream, but there was still one word missing.

This came out when Kincaid and Arrington from TechCrunch were having a conversation with Andy Rubin about the newly released Nexus S and they just happened to stumble over the name for the upcoming Android version.

Man, I just love Android and its yummy names!


3 thoughts on “Google’s Android 2.4 is Ice Cream Sandwich”

  1. hey please please please update this article…

    its not 2.4, its 4.0 and its tablet and smartphone compatible + the logo too is different..

    but what else ??need more of this..please post more about the ice cream sandwich…

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