Google Pixel Sensor Tracking Issue Solved


Google is known for many things but the company is mostly renowned for how seriously it treats security problems. The US based tech giant keeps its developers working hard and launches a new security patch every month but some flaws still slip through the cracks. Recent reports are showing that Google’s latest Pixel flagship presents a major security breach which allows third party apps to track individual users.

This security flaw is caused by HTC’s camera sensors which are equipped on the Pixel device. HTC added unique build numbers for each of their sensors and third party apps can access that information and track users. Fortunately there aren’t any reports to show that this method has been used by any apps or malicious software. Nonetheless, Google hurried up and launched a patch that restricts third party apps access to system information. The patch hasn’t been rolled out yet but it will be included in January’s security update.

Furthermore, even though this is Google’s flagship device it come with three additional issues. Recently, Pixel users have been complaining that once they crank up the volume the audio becomes distorted. What’s even more annoying is that this happens even when headphones are used. The other two issues are related to the device’s camera. Google Product Forum is showing that Pixel’s camera randomly freezes and in some cases the lenses start randomly flaring while shooting videos.

This is a worrying trend and Google needs to get on top of these problems before customers start losing trust in Google’s products. Especially, since the Pixel line represents the best Google has to offer. Also, as everyone knows by now, Google has been trying to persuade Nexus users to switch to the new Pixel devices and these hardware issues aren’t helping them do that.

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