Google Pixel and Pixel XL – Major Security Breach Allows Apps To Track Users


Recent reports are showing that there’s a major security flaw in Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL flagship devices. The Android powered devices present a security breach that can be used by hackers or third party apps to track individual users. This loophole works only because Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL allow third-party apps to check for the device’s camera serial number which is unique on every device.

Google pinned this problem as being HTC’s fault because the Chinese manufacturer added a unique serial number to each of its camera modules and the security breach allows third party apps to get this sensitive information. Google’s senior software engineer Alex Klyubin stated that the unique serial number is stored in the device’s system property panel and this wasn’t supposed to ever happen.

Knowing Google’s position in regards to user security, the company quickly launched a security patch which was designed especially to restrict third party apps access to the serial number. On the downside, this patch is only available through Google’s ADP and it hasn’t been rolled out yet. We can expect the search engine company to launch the OTA (over-the-air) update any time now because this security loophole presents a huge threat towards users. Another reason to why Google will hurry up the update is because Pixel and Pixel XL are the company’s flagship devices and they present the best Google has to offer.

Gladly, there aren’t any reports to show that any user has been tracked using this method. Nonetheless, if this issue isn’t fixed fast, future Android smartphone customers might be inclined to opt for an iOS powered device if they care about their security.


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