Google Pixel Devices Encounter Software Freezing Issues

Google Pixel

Some Google Pixel devices were reported to encounter some software freezing problems by their respective users. Forums are being flooded with topics which contain complaints from users that purchased Pixel and Pixel XL models which have a tendency to experience some freezing issues.

This problem can be encountered while using an app or just out of the blue with no prior notice whatsoever. It is uncommon for these devices to have such problems as Google runs the cleanest version of Android software out there.

In accordance to some users, once the phone freezes it takes a few minutes before it comes back to normal. This is not a common occurrence as others state that they’ve encountered the same problem but with different results as it continued freezing from some seconds up to under a minute. Even still, judging that the Google Pixel and Pixel XL are considered to be high-end devices, it shouldn’t encounter any of such problems.

What is difficult to conceive is that Google is aware of the problem and it hasn’t released an official statement regarding when it will be addressed. There are a number of causes that lead to this freeze such as the app called Family Locator which can cause some freezes but uninstalling it should fix the problem. This is not the only cause however as users who don’t have it still encounter them.

Some users have issued complaints regarding LTE Band 4 connectivity even though it was fixed by updating Google’s devices to Android 7.1.1 Nougat. If the freezes will continue to occur, Google is sure to experience a decrease in sales and more importantly a black dot on their clean reputation sheet in regard with their current competition on the smartphone market which includes the likes of Samsung and Apple.

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