Google Pixel and Pixel XL – How To Reach Their True Potential


Now that 2016 has ended, the question that’s on everyone’s mind is which tech company produced the best smartphone. Well, it’s safe to say that Google’s Pixel XL is a top contender for that position. The last year marked the release of the first ever Google-made Pixel and Pixel XL devices. Google designed the two smartphones to fit its vision of a perfect Android device and the company managed to achieve just that. Both Pixel devices are outstanding devices in terms of hardware performances and design but what really makes them shine is the amount of features and software support Google is providing for them. Today we’re going to go over two tips and tricks that can help users get the most out of your Pixel device.

Light Sensitive

The new Night Light mode has been included alongside all the features brought by Android 7.1.1 Nougat. The mode lowers the brightness in such a way that it makes it more soothing to the eyes, this is an exceptional feature to have especially for users are working night shifts. One more great thing about this mode is that it can be automatically activated and deactivated. Meaning that users can set it to automatically turn on when the evening comes.

Take Pictures Using Vocal Commands

One feature that sets Google’s Pixel line apart from the Nexus one is the fact that it comes with Google Assistant. Using the virtual assistant users can snap selfies without having to touch the phone, all that users have to do is say “OK Google, take a picture” to take photo using the rear camera and “OK Google, take a selfie” to use the front camera. Additionally, after the device hears the vocal command a three second countdown starts so that users have enough time to stay still.

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