Google Pixel 2 Latest Rumors and Speculations

This last year marks the first time that Google decided to venture in the tech world on its own with the Pixel lineup. Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL are considered as being the best phones to be launched in 2016 and they sold faster than hot bread. The two main reasons to why these devices became so widely popular is that first of all, Google equipped them with only the best hardware parts available on the market. The second reason is that these devices have been fitted with Google’s huge brand name and exposure.

Even though Google’s Pixel lineup is still fresh, rumors are pointing out that the tech giant is working on Pixel 2. Because Google has such a huge fan base there are many speculations and rumors surrounding the upcoming Pixel 2. Today we’re going to over them together and get a feel of what’s to come.


The biggest asset Pixel devices have is their high performing camera. In all Pixel reviews you will see that the camera department is always highly praised. Google seems to be listening to its customer feedback because according to reports, the next Pixel device will come with extra camera features. Unlike other tech manufacturers, Google will not equip the device with huge amounts of megapixels. Instead, the upcoming Pixel 2 will be equipped with a bunch of extra camera features.


It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Google wants Pixel 2 to be powered by Qualcomm’s latest processor. In fact, Qualcomm recently unveiled its flagship Snapdragon 835 chipset during CES 2017. We can be sure that Google is going to team up with Qualcomm once again. Additionally, this new chipset is said to enhance the device’s hardware performance by a large margin while not hindering the battery life at all.


The Pixel lineup is infamous for being rather expensive. Although both Pixel smartphones are worth their full price, customers are not that inclined in spending hundreds of dollars for one phone. According to, the upcoming Pixel 2 will be probably be priced around $699 while the XL version will have a price that starts at $800. What’s interesting is that some rumors are pointing out that Google is working on developing a third model. This device has been codenamed as “Pixel 2B” and it’s going to be more budget oriented.

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