Google Nexus 7 Tutorial – How To Install Lineage 14.1

Google usually teamed up with other tech manufacturers in the past such as LG, Motorola and Huawei and created great Android devices which were then branded in the Nexus line. When looking at Google’s Nexus lineup, one device stands out the most. Nexus 7 was launched back in 2012 and it’s one of Google’s most prolific devices. Because Nexus 7 reached the five year milestone Google stopped rolling out software updates to it. Nonetheless, this didn’t hinder Android power users from using it and manually flashing the latest Android Nougat updates. In fact, CyanogenMod’s latest custom ROM is Lineage 14.1 and it’s compatible with Nexus 7 as well.

Today we’re going to go together over a guide on how to install the new operating system but before we head into the installation process we need to make a disclaimer. Nexus 7 users that are interested in manually flashing the operating system should know that it will void the device’s warranty and it might have some bugs. Even though there are some annoying bugs, there’s nothing too major that might cause the device to randomly shut down or something of that level.

Installing Lineage 14.1 On Nexus 7

  • Perform a complete data backup and previous ROM using TWRP Recovery version 3.0.2;
  • Download the ROM;
  • Now wipe all of the designated device’s data;
  • Wipe cache, including Dalvik cache;
  • Using the TWRP menu install the ROM;
  • Reboot the device one last time;

Nexus 7 users should keep in mind that the first time they’ll boot the device it will boot slower than usual. This shouldn’t raise any concerns since this is the usual case when installing a new operating system such as Lineage. All that’s left to do now is to enjoy the full Android Nougat experience while using a device that’s been launched in 2012. This is what makes Android powered devices so great, being able to use a device even though it reached a certain age and not being forced to acquire a newer one is the best advantage Android devices bring to the table outside their innovative features. Regarding innovative features, because the device is equipped with five year old hardware, some apps might slower on it so beware.

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