Google Nexus 5 Still Going Strong as a Mid-Range Device


One great thing about Android powered devices is that even if they reach a certain milestone and Google stops rolling out firmware updates, Android power users can always keep their devices up to date with the latest updates by using custom ROMs. One example of that is Google’s own Nexus 5. Even though the device was launched back in 2013 and Google stopped supporting it, thanks to CyanogenMod and CAF, users can install Android Nougat on it right now.

It’s rather important to keep Android devices up to date because Google includes a monthly security patch in their updates. Security should be everyone’s top priority these days, especially since hackers and malicious software developers are getting more ingenious by the day. In fact, the latest January security patch fixes 95 security breaches including a major one which allows hackers to remotely control Android devices through media apps such as email and messages.

While flashing a custom ROM might sound complicated and some Nexus 5 users aren’t familiar with the process, they shouldn’t worry about this at all because developer teams such as CyanogenMod provide users with step-by-step guides. In fact, CyanogenMod isn’t the only liable custom ROM developing team from which Nexus 5 users can choose.

The CAF version of CM 14.1 is also very stable and it’s completely bug free. Installing Android 7.1.1 Nougat will completely change the user experience because the device will be filled with innovative features. One of the best features Nougat brings is the ability to multi-task while opening two apps at the same time. By paying a short visit to one of the custom ROM developer’s website Nexus 5 users can get an idea themselves on what to expect.

14 thoughts on “Google Nexus 5 Still Going Strong as a Mid-Range Device”

  1. My Nexus 5 is updated to the latest security update from a few days ago. No custom ROMs, still stable and awesome. My wife is unhappy with the microphone volume, but that might just be the T-Mobile signal. 2× Nexus 5 phones, 2× Nexus 7 tablets, happy gadgets in a happy household.

  2. This is a joke, right? You realize that CyanogenMod closed its doors on December 31, 2016? And that the CAF ROM was withdrawn before that? That said, I am still running CM 14.1 from December 25, 2016 and looking forward to Lineage OS to replace it.

  3. Even I am happy with Nexus 5’s performance so far, and I am satisfied. Recently a security update was released. Currently it i running on 6.0.1 version of Android.
    Let’s wait for 7 now. God knows, when it will be available for Nexus 5.

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