Google Moved Quick And Patched Major Nougat Security Flaw for Nexus 6


Google proved once again that it takes Android security very serious. Recently, a major security breach that affected both Nexus 6 and 6P slipped through the cracks. The latest Android Nougat update included a security flaw that allowed hackers to forcefully take control of a targeted Nexus 6 or 6P device using Google’s Android Debug Bridge. Because this is a major threat, Google quickly got on top of the problem and launched a OTA (over the air) software fix.

Hackers were able to get physical access to a targeted device but only if it had Android Bridge Debugging enabled. Using the Bridge, they could connected it to a PC via USB and install malicious software. This software could allow hackers to get access to all of the device’s data including GPS location, incoming calls and even placing calls.

This exploit was reported by the security analysts at IBM X-Force. This team specializes in figuring out security issues that affect Android powered devices. Even though getting physical access to a device and installing malicious software is unlikely to happen, we are glad to see that Google didn’t waste any time and patched this issue.

The security patch was first sent over to Nexus 6 back in November and then during this month to Nexus 6P as well. Gladly, there are no reports to show that this exploit was used until now. Nonetheless, this is actually a major threat and Google needs to ensure that things like this will never happen again. Maybe next time Google can put the operating system through the security tests itself and check if it’s safe to launch it to the wide public.

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