Google Is Leaving Nexus 6 and 6P Fans Behind

The usual case is that when a company starts up it strives to be the best and create only the best devices, but once the company manages to gather a huge fan base it start disappointing them. This can even be seen with Apple, when the company first started out its motto seemed to be “customer’s first” but that soon changed when Apple began overpricing its products and not bothering that much on adding innovative features to their gadgets.

Another great example of that happening is Google with its Nexus brand. The US based tech giant teamed up with other major tech manufacturers in the past and created great devices that were branded in the Nexus lineup. Well, now that Google managed to become a top dog in the smartphone world, it ventured into the smartphone world by itself with the Pixel lineup. The main problem with this is that Google left the Nexus brand behind and switched its attention towards the new one.

The reason why fans are upset is because Google didn’t only stopped from manufacturing Nexus devices, but it also stopped sending out software updates to the majority of them. What’s really upsetting about this is that Nexus devices were marketed as always being the first ones to receive Google’s latest updates. While phones such as Nexus 6 and 6P are still kept up to date, Google isn’t offering users the full Nougat experience. The way Google is doing that is by excluding key Android Nougat features such as Daydream support or the company’s own artificial intelligence assistant.

It’s easy to see why Google doesn’t want to include all of Nougat’s features on Nexus devices. This is all a marketing scheme to get Nexus users to switch over to their newer and expensive Pixel devices. It’s true that customers are more inclined towards buying one of Google’s latest devices, especially when taking in consideration that all major flagship devices come with virtual reality support and an AI assistant. Nonetheless, Google surprised everyone when it decided to leave behind a huge fan base such as the Nexus one. We can only wait and see if this will happen in the future with the Pixel one as well.

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