Games that give your iPad 4 a Serious Smackdown

The iPad is an amazing gaming device. It competes with some of the top gaming devices that are available on the market. The 10” screen offers an amazing portable gaming device that is untouched by any other mobile device. Apple understands that there are a lot of options when it comes to comes to mobile gaming, and that is why they worked so hard to develop such a great device.

Here is a list of some of the top games that are available for download to your iPad 4.

Infinity Blade II


Infinity Blade II is not just a top game to download, but it is also rated as one of the best games period for the iOS system. It is an amazing dungeons and dragons type of game. The attention to detail is extremely impressive, and the storyline is rather entertaining. You are stuck in a dungeon and will need to fight all of the monsters that come across your path. You will have quite the arsenal of weapons to enable you to battle the creatures, and it will only take that swipe of a finger in order to slice your sword.

Clash of Clans


This is an interesting strategy game that is extremely light-hearted and fun. You have this Scottish type of clan that is just reaching this new world. You will need to mind for gold and begin to establish your clan and build-up the area. There are a lot of resources that you will be able to collect along the way so that you will be able to create and build on to your new world. It is not that the game is so visually impressive it is that the game is challenging and fun.



This is a great game that is both challenging and entertaining, while remaining pleasing to the eye. Your character is an apprentice that is a boy named Horn. His entire village has disappeared, well less disappear and more changed into some crazy type of ogre monsters. You will have monsters to slay, puzzles to solve, and a journey to complete. It is extremely captivating, and while the monster slaying just takes a few proper swipes of your fingers the puzzles will use a little bit of game power.

Real Racing


Real Racing is the perfect game to help you get your high speed adrenaline fix. There are all kinds of authentic fast cars, great challenging tracks, and amazing graphics. It is not in the new 3D technology, but the quality of the 2D technology does not hurt the game play at all. The details are extremely impressive down to the sun reflection on the windshield. The icing on the cake is that it only costs $1.

Walking Dead: The Game


The Walking Dead TV Show has been a smash hit since it began. The game has not failed to live up to the reputation of the TV Show. It is a blood, gory, scary challenge that is extremely fun and scary at the same time. Enjoy hiding and hunting zombies while trying to survive the crazy post-apocalyptic zombie world.

The iPad 4 has a lot of add-ons and accessories that can be purchased in order to increase the intensity of your game play. There are also a lot of retro games that are available for the iPad 4 that can offer you a break from your high-tech new and super challenging games. It is a great device with a lot of benefits on top of all the quality gaming. The best part of the iPad 4 gaming is that most games cost $10 or less which saves a great deal of money from purchasing the games for the competing consoles.

Author Bio: The article is submitted by Michael Clark. He is a well known writer and an expert to his field. His leisure includes playing tom & jerry games with his son.

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