Flappy Bird Worthy Successor Comes as Ninja Spinki Challenges

Remember a few years ago when a mobile game managed to drive the whole crazy? Flappy Bird is the name of the game and its creator is coming back with yet another game. Flappy Bird was so popular that it even made the news. Sadly, the game had to be pulled out from the app store since it was considered to be too “addictive”. On the bright side, Dong Nguyen is making a comeback with another fun mobile game.

The new game is entitled Ninja Spinki Challenges and it can be downloaded by both Android and iOS users. What makes the game stand out the most is the fact that it uses simple controls which are used to solve intriguing and complex puzzles. It looks like Dong Nguyen has the recipe for success down because Flappy Bird was also filled with difficult puzzles.

Regarding the game’s controls, users will be able to swipe left or right to move and to tap the screen in order to throw shurikens. Mastering the art of throwing shurikens at the right moment is quite essential because this move is required in order to complete all puzzles. What truly makes the game so challenging is the fact players have a certain timer in which they need to complete the puzzles. The game will start off easy with puzzles such as dodging a monster but later on it will transform in to a true test of skill. Players will be required to throw shurikens and knock down different targets within a time limit which can be quite difficult.

Worth mentioning is that after finishing the first two missions, the infamous “Endless” mode will become available. This game mode will make Ninja Spinki Challenges even more fun because it will give players even more harder tasks.

Worth mentioning is tha, as previously stated Dong Nguyen was required to take the game off the app store. In fact the game creator wasn’t actually forced to do anything, he just felt the need to do this. The reason behind this is that the game caused so many people to get addicted to it and Dong Nguyen wasn’t feeling comfortable with this. Nonetheless, it’s great seeing that finally there’s an worthy successor to Flappy Bird.

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