Five Worst and Best Games of 2010

2010 was such a great year in gaming, with great titles being announced. Some were fresh and innovative while some were sequels. 2010 was the year where it was not just about the games, considering that Microsoft and Sony unveiled two major products and joined the motion gaming segment. Microsoft launched the controller free Kinect, while Sony unveiled the Move. But like every other year, there were disappointing titles and there were some titles which will be remembered in history. This is our list of the five worst and best games from 2010.

The Poor Five

These are titles which went terribly wrong, I had lot of expectations from a couple of them, but it just led to disappointment. Some of you may have enjoyed these titles, but I sure had a very bad experience.

Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days

I am one of those few guys who enjoyed Kane and Lynch, it was an entertaining title and I had real fun with it. So, for obvious reasons I played Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days and boy I was so annoyed. The game does have an original idea which is great, I don’t even blame the story but the reason why you would hate this game and just quit it after sometime is the monotonous gunfights, where nothing exciting ever happens. This hampers the gameplay, takes the fun out of the story and makes it ever more boring. It also has a co-op mode but with so many other great games to play who will ever want to play this game with their friends?

Final Fantasy XIII

With every new Final Fantasy game the franchise just keeps getting lame, it seems like Square Enix has completely lost direction and they just cannot innovate anymore. Final Fantasy XIII has a very lousy plot and even lousy characters. The setup and the new battle system is quite interesting but the new direction makes it very boring and you feel this is one game you rather not play. Also, I am quite tired of the Final Fantasy franchise so please Enix just stop new ones, I believe they are just destroying the franchise. Still if you are open for any suggestion you can remake the old ones and I am pretty sure it will milk you more money than this one.


I was suggested this game by a friend who mentioned it as a sci-fi first person shooter, this forced me to get this game and after playing it for some time I realized its just a modified Bioshock game. It is decent, the weapons impressed me but the number of  flaws and the similar environment completely annoyed me. Also, the story is very obvious and predictable and if you are someone who craves graphics then they are not up to date with this game and you are in for some major disappointment. I did not play the multiplayer so I can’t comment on it but I feel very confident that it is as uninteresting as the campaign mode. The game would have been more entertaining with better graphics and a story which is original and makes a little sense. Wait! I forgot to tell you one cool thing about the game, you can age people to death.

Dark Void

This is another disappointing game from 2010, if it ever makes it in history then it would be for the video game with the most terrible story. Though there is some innovation in the game the very poor plot, renders it pointless. The hover controls and the new mechanism are indeed interesting but they require more work. I was really dissatisfied with the combat, it is very uninteresting and long, plus repeating enemies completely destroy the fun aspect in combat. In this game, the lack of proper development has destroyed a great concept which has a huge potential.

God of War III

God of War III is just another sequel which does not live up to the success of its predecessors. It has great graphics and it survived because the first two God of War games did a good job, but this one got a bit out of hand and never got the right coverage it required. As the gameplay was basically an improvement over its prequels it did not make much sense as the competitors had better offerings, hence destroying every hope of its success. Though it has a new story, new enemies and new weapons, the game is not at all unique it feels exactly the same as playing any other God of War game and even the story is very predictable. It feels like they just wanted to keep the franchise running and never thought of being innovative around it.

The Grand Five

So, you went through the worst games of 2010, here are the ones which rocked my world last year and are still doing a good job at it.

Halo: Reach

I am a big fan of Halo, and the day I heard that Halo: Reach is all about the legendary Team Noble, I made my mind to get what is supposed to be the last game in the Halo franchise, or at least the last one developed by Bungie. It did great on the charts and had a great storyline, interesting co-op gameplay and an impressive multiplayer eco-system. It could have been better if a few things were different which would have made it a historic end for a historic franchise.


This is the best cover shooter I have ever played, it is full of action, always keeps you on the edge and has a very interesting storyline. Vanquish is the game is the evolution of cover shooters and it makes other cover shooters look outdated, thanks to its fast gameplay and a really entertaining combat experience. It is surely a product of skillfull development and immense effort from the entire team. It is developed by Platinum, a Japanese company which has literally changed the meaning of cover shooters.

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty

It made its way to the streets after 12 long years, it is  the sequel of one of a famous real time strategy game, it is StarCraft II. Blizzard has done it again, I enjoyed the single player campaign and they never got annoying. The story is very interesting as in every Blizzard game an so it seems with StarCraft II, it follows the events where StarCraft ends. It runs smoothly and is extremely scalable making it a good choice even for those with a decent PC. The real fun is the multiplayer mode, where you compete with other players using Blizzard’s Multiplayer is challenging and keeps getting exciting as you climb up the ladder. This is one game every gamer should try as it is a great example of what a sequel should be.

Fallout: New Vegas

Set in the post-apocalytic Las Vegas, Fallout: New Vegas uses the same engine as Fallout 3 and is not much of an improvement in terms of graphics. However, it is a very brilliant game which engages gamers in quality gaming experience using its deep gameplay and an interesting plot. It maintains its sense of humor, features amazing characters and even the soundtracks included in the game create a great environment for the gamer. It is needless to say that the game is based in a huge world and comes with a number of quests, each one helping you to build your character. Customizing your character is vast and has a huge impact on the overall gameplay, which is exactly what you expect from an action RPG. The game does have a few bugs, but it so much fun you won’t care about them.

Game Dev Story

This is my best game of 2010, the day I downloaded the game on my Android phone, I just could not stop playing it and this has not happened to me in ages. It is not surprising how a simple and fresh idea can be developed to deliver such a great gaming experience. The game is all about developing games by using the people at your disposal, while you also have to think of some great combinations which will help your company achieve great sales records. It really makes you feel you own a game development studio and this is indeed our best game of 2010.

Please let us know what you think about the games we have selected as the worst and best five games from 2010.

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