Fitbit Unveils Upcoming Features and Changes


Now that 2017 started everyone has set their New Year resolutions and it looks like losing weight is on everyone’s list because Fitness bands are getting more popular with each day. The most popular fitness bands are undoubtedly the ones made by Fitbit and we have great news for Fitbit users, a new major update is coming. The wearable company attended CES and announced that the Fitbit mobile app is going to receive a new array of features by the end of the week.


Right now the app allows users to select their own daily goals such as distance, steps or calories burned and the only downside about this is that it came with 10,000 steps recommendation by default. While this is considered as being a good average goal, this isn’t the case with Fitbit newcomers that might want to walk smaller distances or even with users who like to run and 10,000 steps is way too easy to achieve. Fitbit took note of its user feedback and will now give users the option to set their own personal goals.


As previously mentioned Fitbit is very popular and one of the reasons behind that is because of its social features. In fact, a study proved that the average user walks around 700 extra steps when his or hers friends are on the same platform. Fitbit is now going to revolutionize the social aspect and the upcoming update will include features that will allow users to post pictures, achievements, workout routines and so on. The interface will include a news-feed panel, similar to Facebook’s one where Fitbit users can like and cheer other user’s achievements.

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