Dragon Quest 11 Nintendo Switch Edition


Every Dragon Quest player knows by now that another installment in the franchise is coming their way. The new game will come with a bunch of changes and features new including characters and monsters designs. In fact Akira Toriyama which is a character designer for Dragon Quest 11 posted a few of the new designs but for unknown reason the characters were quickly scrapped.

The game characters showcased by Akira Toriyama are Lizardman, Arthur Sion, Halloweenman, Hentekorino and Boss number two. New character designs aren’t the only thing to be included Dragon Quest 11, a new soundtrack will be added as well. Koichi Sugiyama the musical composer of Dragon Quest 11 announced that both Nintendo 3DS and PS4 platforms will come with a new musical theme. Actually, the composer actually stated that while both game edition will be the same, the arrangements will be a bit different.

Dragon Quest is undoubtedly the longest running RPG franchise created by Square Enix and the question that sits in every Nintendo fan’s mind is that if it will be compatible with the upcoming Nintendo Switch. To fans delight, Square Enix announced that a Nintendo Switch edition of Dragon Quest 11 is being made right now.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone since Square Enix is known for not making Dragon Quest exclusive to one console because the previous installment of Dragon Quest was compatible with Wii U. This actually helped Nintendo market Wii U and persuade customers into buying it. Nintendo is hoping that this will work with the upcoming Switch console as well. Also worth mentioning is that Dragon Quest 11 is set to launch during 2017, we can only hope that it’s going to come bundled with Nintendo Switch in the first quarter of 2017.

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