BlackBerry Messenger 6 To Include Social Gaming?

The BlackBerry Messenger is one of the most successful products till date and over time RIM has improved its experience by introducing photo and video sharing capabilities. Today, it is not any more for enterprise usage but people (mostly teens) around the world use BBM to stay connected to their friends and honestly, it plays a major role in BlackBerry sales and is one of their USPs.

Now, recent rumors suggest that BlackBerry Messenger is about to get more entertaining as RIM may soon introduce a new upgrade to this service and embed a social gaming experience into this platform. Information is very scarce on how exactly this will be implemented. We believe there are two ways to look at it, one where RIM will integrate games directly into BBM while the other is the most likely where games will be available in the BlackBerry App World and will come with BBM integration, very similar to the Facebook or Twitter integration we have seen in many smartphone games.

Well, this is surely to make some changes in the enterprise usage and some restrictions may be added depending on the usage response from that market. However, this sure is exciting for others who use this platform to stay connected with their buddies.

We know we have BBM users following us, what do you think?


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