Bitcoin Celebrates Its 8 Year Milestone With A Minor Update


On January 4th Bitcoin reached the eight years milestone and this was celebrated with the release of a new software update. While everyone has been focusing on how expensive Bitcoin has reached, being priced at $1,150 which is the highest it has ever been, the volunteer developer group recognized as Bitcoin Core rolled out a minor update which moves Bitcoin’s build number to 0.13.2.

The minor update isn’t focused on bringing new features but on fixing a couple of known bugs and enhancing performances at the same time. The developers have included an upgrade to Bitcoin’s built-in wallet which now permits the wallet to react accordingly to user’s memory pool (mempool) changes. Alongside the wallet changes there are included a few other improvements such as the increased block relay speed which is meant to persuade miners to use SegWit.

The fact that there aren’t that many features included in the update shouldn’t come a surprise to anyone since minor updates are always focused towards improving the already existing features while fixing known bugs. The patch notes state that there have been 28 total contributors which have made 55 changes during this minor update.

Developers are advising Bitcoin users to upgrade the software as soon as they can because they will be rewarded with a performance boost. In order to make the upgrade, users have to first completely power off their full node then install the new Bitcoin version and perform a reboot. Statistics are showing that there are already 53% nodes running on the latest 0.13.2 version.

It’s a known fact by now that the mining majority is not looking to change its ways and move to SegWit. There is only 25 percent of miners who support the change even though a SegWit activation code was made available back in October. The Bitcoin Core team reported that the upcoming 0.14.0 update will be focused more on SegWit upgrades.

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