Apple moves to Pegatron for CDMA iPhone 4 and Upcoming iPhone 5

For those who are not aware, your Apple products are assembled using cheap labor in Asia, and for quite some time now, it has been Foxconn’s job to make the iOS devices for Apple. Now a recent report by DigiTimes says that Apple has moved to Pegatron for the production of 10 to 12 million Verizon CDMA iPhone 4s and at least 10 million of the upcoming iPhone 5.

Foxconn has been the sole manufacturer of iPhones, but it seems like increasing demand for the product may have led Apple to seek Pegatron, if the report is true. There may be several of other reasons and it may just remain a mystery until  either party makes an announcement.

Pegatron is a company known for manufacturing notebooks and it also has some history with ASUS. The company chairman, TH Tung, has decided to cut down the holiday break and triple employees’ salaries for work during decided holidays, and all this may be to impress Apple.

Moving to another company for the Verizon iPhone was indeed a smart move from Apple, there is also the upcoming iPhone 5 which has ditched its cellular radio and uses the one made by Qualcomm and it can work with CDMA as well as GSM. The iPhone 5 is expected to be unveiled sometime during summer, just like it has happened in the past.

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