Apple Is Aiming To Dominate The Market In 2017 With Powerful Devices

The first quarter of 2017 was pretty silent in terms of having received news from the Cupertino based tech giant. Tech enthusiasts believe that their silence is due to them trying to perfect and perform last minute improvements and tweaks in order to make sure that when their devices will be released they will be flawless and come equipped with a lot of interesting features.

Judging by the fact that a lot of manufacturers have announced a series of impressive devices which are equipped with the latest advances in terms of hardware and software Apple is forced to deliver something impressive to catch up on their disappointing financial year. We’ve come up with a short analysis on Apple’s new devices which will hit the shelves this year.

iPad Pro 2

Three brand new iPads are rumored to hit the shelves in March this year. They come with three different specs, the most powerful one sporting a 12.9 inch screen powered by the all new A10X processor. It is said to come with innovative features and major updates. The mid-range device is believed to come with 10.1 and 10.5 inch screen variants both sporting the same processor. The last one is rumored to be aimed at the educational market and come with a 9.7 screen. The whole device will be powered by the A9X chip.


The main addition to Apple’s 2017 iMac is that it is believed to be powered by Intel’s new Kaby Lake processor paired with an AMD Radeon Polaris GPU. Apple is expected to bet big on their iMac as it is believed to fully support virtual reality as well as come equipped with a 5k resolution screen, 32GB of RAM as well as a 2TB Fusion Drive storage unit.

MacBook Pro

The MacBook Pro is sure to come with some interesting additions judging by last year’s fiasco with its battery issues and Apple is said to bump the RAM memory of its device from 16GB to 32GB as well as adding the new Kaby Lake chip. The production is said to being in the early second quarter. The Touch Bar is also believed to cost way less.

iPhone 8

The new iPhone is surely the most anticipated device from Apple as it marks the 10th year Anniversary since the first iPhone device came out. It is rumored to come equipped with an AMOLED 5.8 inch display which is curved around both ages as well as wireless charging technology and top notch specs.

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