Apple iPod Nano 6th Generation Review

Last year, Apple announced its new iPod product line. Although the iPod Touch and the iPod Shuffle were products many had anticipated, the new generation iPod Nano was a complete surprise. It is an innovative device, but not impressive enough. It is not the best evolution for the iPod Nano series but a great one if it were included in the iPod Shuffle line-up. Here is our review on the 6th Generation iPod Nano.

Not the best idea for iPod Nano, an iPod Touch Mini is the way to go. Price is high; adding some extra greens can get you an iPod Touch.


This device features a 1.54-inch TFT display with a resolution of 240×204 which is very responsive but at the same time very small and it takes time for the user to get friendly with device. At the top you have the sleep/wake button along with the volume up and down keys. Physical volume keys are a great addition in this version over the previous one. At the bottom you have the Dock/USB connector with a 3.5mm audio jack. On the back you have clip, just like the iPod Shuffle which is very helpful for fitness freaks. You already know this, but yet again the clock application on this device when used with the various wrist watch accessories makes it a hi-tech watch. However, with the addition of the clip, the size of the device has increased and it renders it completely useless on various iPod Nano docks.

The 6th Generation iPod Nano is a true milestone achieved by Apple in terms of design and performance of a music player. It is the first iPod Nano to have a touch interface and feels like a high end device in your pocket. It has two variations, an 8GB variant priced at Rs. 10,700 and a 16GB one priced at Rs. 12,700. I like this device for the effort the guys have put to make it such a marvelous music player but it feels fit to be an evolution of the iPod Shuffle and is not at all worthy of being the latest in the iPod Nano line-up. Plus, this tiny music player is very easy to lose.

Interface and Features

I like the interface on this device, it is very similar to the iOS interface but not the same as it has a completely different source code. The touch is as responsive as any other Apple device and the entire feel of using this iPod Nano is pretty rich once you get familiar with it.

A long hold on the center of the screen will get you back to the home screen while another way to go back is to swipe to your right. A long hold on any icon makes them jiggle and then you can arrange them as per your convenience. This is very useless considering that you won’t ever be adding any extra applications to this device, pressing the sleep button stops the dancing icons. When inside a particular application you can simply swipe to the left and it will get you to some other screen with more options. An example of this would be the music application where the first screen shows up the basic controls, next shows you shuffle, loop and genius controls and if the song has lyrics along with it then you get them in the last screen.

Feature wise, the device is not the best and a lot of things are missing. You cannot play videos like you had in the previous version neither can you record videos as there is no camera on the device. Honestly, it seems like a downgraded version of the iPod Nano. It does not have a loudspeaker, so those who like listening to their music in that manner are in for huge a disappointment. It has multi-touch, but it is only useful for rotating the display, which is done by placing two fingers on the screen, opposite to each other  and then sliding them like you are drawing an arc. It also lets you save your photos, set different wallpapers, listen to radio, add podcasts and add or edit playlists.

Some of the good things found on the 6th Generation iPod Nano include Genius Mixes which is an absolutely great system from Apple which creates some interesting playlists. The sound is typical Apple and you will never notice the shift from one song to another which makes this or any other iPod a great way to enjoy your music. The Fitness app is handy for fitness freaks and  along with in-built accelerometer it does some interesting tracking while the Clock app adds some extra features like a stopwatch and a timer.


So, do we recommend the 6th Generation iPod Nano?

The answer is no and although it is very impressive design-wise, it is extremely low on features as a matter of fact if you can’t purchase the iPod Touch, then instead of this one the 5th Generation iPod Nano is a great option; its price is reduced and it is obviously more feature rich than the 6th Generation. If you want something small, you love exercising, you love listening to music and want to record some health stats then this may be just the thing you want. But, the pricing is very high and it is sensible to add another 2,000 to 3,000 rupees and buy the iPod Touch.

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