Angry Birds Rio Coming To You & Your Device In March

There is a new movie called Rio which features a couple of macaws, one of which is afraid to fly. Tt is quite impressive but a more interesting revelation is that Rovio has tied up in a certain way with the movie and they have announced a new version of Angry Birds called Angry Birds Rio which is all set to land on your smartphones and tablets sometime in March.

I am very interested in this special version of Angry Birds. The great news is that it will be available on all the platforms including iOS, Android and even the latest version of Symbian. It would be an adventure of 45 levels and new levels will keep on coming via updates.

In this game, the Angry Birds are captured and then taken to Rio and your  job is to help them escape from their kidnappers and find Blu and Jewel, the macaws from the movie. The gameplay is similar to the original one, but expect environment changes and some special add-ons from the movie.

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