An Honest Letter to Motorola, We Second It

Just like Eric, who wrote this post I am a true Motorola fan since I first used the beautiful MotoRazr. They have impressed me ever since. As mentioned by Eric there was a time when Motorola was indeed heading in a weird direction and all that love was lost, then came came Android and rocked their world Eric has made this entire scenario very clear in the letter.

This is just another great example of the power of the Internet and we really hope this letter reaches all those people from Motorola who can help make this happen.

I don’t want to waste a lot of time because the letter is exactly what every Moto Fan has in mind, so here it is;

What a rollercoaster you’ve put me through today Motorola, can I call you Moto? I’ve been a fan of your products since the MicroTac I had way back in the day and I said this then, and I still say it today, you seriously build some outstanding hardware. I’ve also had several variants of the Razr, which was a great phone (pretty obvious from the bajillions you sold back then, huh?) and innovative at the time. Then you hit some rough times. Your glory days had seemed to wind towards that corporate sunset, and you needed a way back into the hearts and minds of the people. A small green robot came by and offered his tiny robot hand to pull you out of the depths. The Droid was born. Now you did an amazing job with the original Droid, which is still one of the best devices I’ve own running CyanogenMod 7 Nightlies , touting some nice specs for the time and offering the openness that really sets Android apart from its competitor in its walled garden. The Droid is still the number 1 Android device, at least as of Dec 2010, which says a lot towards its greatness.

Then you went and did the unthinkable. The openness that really makes Android an amazing Operating System was choked out by encrypted bootloaders. You’ve bitten the tiny robot hand that saved you from certain destruction. The Droid X is really an awesome device. It’s easily one of the best phones I’ve had, and beats out a lot of the competition that I had a chance to play with during my time reviewing hardware for The AndroidBlog. Now, the Android Community has managed to at least get the Droid X to the point that we can run some custom-built variations of your software, but it’s just not the same as the old Droid. I’ll be frank, I miss CyanogenMod. I’ve been tempted on various occasions to just ditch the Droid X in favor of something that offer’s up more of the openness that makes Android great, but I haven’t. Maybe I should have. Maybe I should have saved myself the heartache, the countless SBF’s which the Community has to beg, borrow, and steal to get in the first place. It’s almost as if you wanted us to fail. As if you wanted us to give up. If there’s anything I’ve learned in my time with the Android Community, it’s that giving up isn’t really an option that comes easily.

So now on to your latest exploits. First, you tell us to buy from someone else if you want to run a custom ROM. I hope who ever made that comment never has access to a public-facing forum ever again, because that was not only bad customer service, it was also bad business sense. Key in that last sentence was Sense, because that’s exactly what they’d be seeing from HTC. The condescending attitude in that comment was sickening, and as soon as I read it, instantly made me a Moto-Hater. You don’t understand how much that made my blood boil. We in the Android community were aware of your stance on activities such as running custom roms, you made it clear back in the Milestone days, but to be that brash about was probably the worst move I’ve seen a company do in a while. In fact, this post was meant to be a pure Moto-Hate post, until you dropped your next bombshell.

If there was ever a glimmer of hope, not only for Motorola, but for Android in general, this was it. I’m still in disbelief that this even came out of you, so I’m waiting to actually see some action on this before I go giving you any medals, but taking a stance such as this is a great step forward for Motorola. I’m sure you’ve seen Google’s opinions on how open Android should be, and a large part of me wants to think that post is what may have inspired you to switch your footing. However, the smaller part of me is screaming “damage control, it’ll never happen!” and its really hard given your past (with the exception of the Droid) not to put some validity to that. So now, the entire Android Community waits with bated breath on your next move. When will this happen? What will it be? Is this for real? All common questions since you’ve come out with your new face on. Will it be a Fastboot style unlock? That would be the best plan of action, if I were steering the U.S.S. Moto, but again, my judgement gets the better of me and instantly shoots down the idea as such a non-Moto move that it makes that situation unbelievable. I can still dream a dreamers dream, and hope for the best, and I really hope you take this chance to change the course of Android seriously.

“Change the course of Android” you say? It’s no secret that OEM’s are moving toward an ever more locked down state with every new device, while most haven’t taken it to the insane level you’ve gone too to keep the community that brought you back to life from using your devices how they want, they are still moving in that direction. What would it take for this trend to stop? One of the biggest and most “closed-minded” manufacturers to do an about-face, and lead the Open Android revolution. Other manufacturer’s would really have no choice but to follow suit, else they be cast as what Moto is being cast as lately, “The Killer of the Open Android”. This mass move towards an Open Android would undoubtedly change the entire course of Android History.

So here’s my challenge to you Motorola, lay out your plans for a developer friendly bootloader. Doing so would win back the hearts and minds of several like myself, that crave the craftsmanship of Moto’s hardware with the freedom of more open software. Surprise us. We need it. Android needs it. And frankly, with Apple’s Verizon iPhone right around the corner, you need it too. Android’s main differentiating point is its (possible) openness. It’s a claim Apple can’t make, and one that Android manufacturers should tout with pride over the iPhones Walled Garden rather than fight it.

In the end, its really up to you, Motorola, to take a stand and choose a path. Myself, along with the rest of the Android Community will be hoping for a positive outcome, and I’m sure I’m speaking for a majority in saying an Open Android is the best move you could make. Take this opportunity to regain back our trust seriously, and you may win yourself some of those loyal customers, that are much like me, back. We look forward to seeing what you choose.


Eric Richardson (@Richie681)

Now, I just want every person here to visit Eric’s post and spread it like fire wherever and however possible with the hope that Motorola considers this as a serious request from their fans and again we just hope they make this small change.

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