AMD To Launch New 4-Core and 8-Core Ryezn CPUs

AMD is set on redeeming its place as the biggest hardware manufacturer in the world. The tech giant is expected to make a huge comeback during 2017 with its Ryzen series. In fact, AMD already bragged about some impressive benchmarks. These benchmarks have been compared with the ones provided by Intel which is AMD’s biggest competitor.

Even though the internet is filled with rumors surrounding AMD, there aren’t that many liable ones. What we can know for sure is that AMD has slated SR3, SR5 and SR7 to be launched throughout 2017. Tech experts believe that one of the products is either 4-core or 8-core. The reason why this is important is because it means that there won’t be any 6-core processors from AMD.

This came quite as a surprise because Intel has been generating huge profits as a result of its successful 6-core chipset. Intel’s Core i7-6800K and Core i7-6860K are the most popular chipsets available on the market right now. This is the result of using two additional cores in comparison its more mid-ranged oriented CPUs. For example think Intel’s i7-7700K. This CPU has been designed especially for tasks such as video rendering and editing instead of high performance.

Taking in consideration the fact that AMD is going to head to head with Intel, we can expect that the Ryzen products will be cheaper. Rumor has it that all of AMD’s upcoming products will be priced around $400. This will certainly give AMD a huge advantage of Intel, making its hardware parts more appealing towards customers.

Tech experts are speculating that AMD is set on not offering 6-core CPUs because they don’t even come close to the hardware performance 4-core or 8-core ones have. This year will definitely increase the competition between AMD and Intel. This is great news for customers since this competition will push the two companies to reduce their prices. Even more, both AMD and Intel will be forced to work harder on creating higher performing CPUs. Also worth mentioning is that Intel has been rumored to have another 6-core processor ready for 2017. This processor is expected to be included in Intel’s “Coffe Lake” micro architecture.

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