Apple’s Latest Handheld Gaming Gadgets

2012 was a bit of an odd one in the world of Apple. Facing stiff competition in the form of increasing numbers of Android handset manufacturers, coupled with the lowered price of entry-level tablet devices as well as accusations of stagnation from Apple’s design team, the company needed to up their game significantly to provide the public with their previously-held ‘wow factor’ monopoly. It should also be remembered that little over a year ago, the company lost one of their greatest natural assets, Steve Jobs. Despite all of these obstacles, I think it’s fair to say that Apple have set an example to all other companies in the mobile technology field, having released some of the most highly-anticipated and most-desired gadgets in recent memory. Today, I thought I’d take a look at some of the gadgets released in the last year that have put Apple right back on the map (though some may disagree).

iPad 3

The opening months of 2012 promised a keynote event from Apple, where it was rumored they would showcase their latest gadget. For months before, the internet – namely twitter – was awash with speculation. Could it be the overdue iPhone 5? Perhaps a new MacBook Air?


In the end, what we were presented with was the iPad 3 – a far more powerful, beautiful, and portable upgrade to their previous iPad 2 offering. The main selling point for the iPad 3 was the integration of Apple’s patented Retina display, previously featured on the iPhone 4S. Having garnered such rave reviews in pocket form, the company decided to apply the same winning formula to their tablet offering. Though some saw the development as an easy, and lazy, upgrade, others saw the change as a revolution – finally tablets were beautiful to hold and view.

iPhone 5

As mentioned above, expectations have rarely been higher for a company as that of the iPhone 5. When the previous mobile announcement stunned audiences by rolling out a carbon copy of the previous model, yet faster and with an almost useless (at launch) voice activated personal assistant, there was an audible sigh from Apple fans across the globe. Accused of having lost their creative spark, the Apple design team went to work again, and effectively redesigned their greatest asset.


The iPhone 5, which boasted a significantly larger screen than previous offerings, as well as a completely new processor and, along with it, unparalleled speed, proved to the world that Apple were a company not to be taken lightly. Coupled with a new super-fast charging port, known as Lightning, Apple found a way to court controversy, with many decrying the company’s decision to, effectively, render all previous accessories obsolete (unless consumers forked out an extra £30 for an adapter). However, I think it’s safe to say that by stepping outside their tried and tested mobile device dimensions, Apple signaled a desire to change themselves – whether for better or worse, however, only time will tell.

iPad Mini

With the Samsung Galaxy Note representing effectively the only bridge between tablet and mobile, it was natural that Apple would throw their weight into the ring. Taking the power of their iconic iPad and cutting it down to size, the company demonstrated their ability to look at classic design and devices with fresh eyes.


Though there’s not much to identify the iPad Mini from its larger counterpart, aside from size of course, it’s important to see that the decision should make other manufacturers very wary of the company. If they spot a trend in the market, you can be damn sure that they’ll weigh in with their offering, and soon.

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