2013: A few things to come in the tech world

Stepping in to the year 2013 we have quite a few interesting technological advancements which are worth looking out for. Amongst many we have listed few interesting ones which are more likely to define your experience with technology in this new year. Right from CES 2013, up until the holiday season towards the end of the year expect 2013 to be packed with a bunch of different gadgets and some exiting new technology.

Apple will hit back with iOS 7, iPhone 6:

After the ‘troubled’ launch of the last version of Apple’s mobile OS, with its infamously useless maps app and various other teething difficulties, it is no surprise to see the first signs of its successor a few short months later. Likewise, the iPhone 5 – while a nice piece of kit – hardly set the world alight. Mistakes are not an option in Cupertino, given Apple’s accumulation of PR difficulties in 2012, so expect a serious effort to justify the inevitable hype this year.

More lawsuits to come:

Depressing, but inevitable. The patent wars are far from over, with no legislative solutions in the offing either, and with new entries into the mobile market (Windows phones, as well as Firefox OS), intellectual property lawyers will find no end of ways to keep themselves busy. As to who will sue whom first, no sound prediction is possible, given the inordinate complexity of IP claims and licensing these days.

Windows 8 will force its way in:

Microsoft simply has too much cash for its biggest OS overhaul in almost two decades to fail, and the prevailing winds in tech are behind it: ‘walled garden’ app delivery systems and increased integration across mobile and traditional devices. Both these features point in the same direction that Microsoft is pitching Windows 8 (along with its siblings, Windows RT and Windows Phone 8).

Expect, also, a bevy of new laptops taking advantage of the OS’s touchscreen optimization and related features. In the last couple of months we have seen the likes of the Ideapad, a Lenovo ultrabook with the choice of four form factors, as well as a clutch of others. Many more such hybrid and convertible devices are surely to come.

Intel to prise some market share from ARM:

Speaking of big shots in the ‘traditional’ computing markets, Intel is to launch its new Haswell chip architecture in the first half of this year. Despite having conquered the desktop/laptop sector pretty comprehensively, the CPU giant has been left with a mere 0.2 percent of the mobile device market, utterly outpaced by makers of ARM chips. Haswell promises to fix the enduring problem of power consumption, as well as cramming a load more transistors on board and better integrating graphics hardware, all of which should interest makers of tablets and phones.

A big immediate impact should not be expected, such is ARM’s dominance – but Intel will be happy if they can get their share moving a few percent in the right direction by year’s end, and will sell bucket loads of silicon to PC users and OEMs in any case.

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