Fujifilm announces new portable Instax Printer for smartphones and tablets

This is the final product Fujifilm announced during CES 2014 and it is a new portable printer which seems quite interesting. It is called the Instax Share SP-1 Printer and it is a compact wireless Instax printer which you can carry around and send prints over to it using your smartphone.

Along with this new portable printer, Fuji has made some other amazing announcements which include the X100S in Black, five new cameras in the FinePix series and a new portrait lens for its X series cameras.

The Instax Share SP-1 feels like the perfect portable printer for your smartphone and will certain make pricing those great moments you share with your family and friends a lot more convenient.

The printer creates its own Wi-Fi hotspot and can connect to iOS as well as Android devices using the Instax Share app. Once the app is installed on your smart device, getting your photos printed is just a few taps away. Users can further add some relevant information to these prints including date, time, location or even weather.

This portable printer users the Instax Mini ISO 800 film and two CR2 Lithium batteries for power. It is not the most affordable film option but if you are getting one of these printers and that is the only option you have. The battery is rated to provide enough juice to capture about 100 prints.

The printer is expected to arrive in the market sometime in the month of April and will be priced at $200 once it hits stores.

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