Best and Worst Gadgets from 2012

As 2012 comes to a resounding close, countless websites, experts, and critics unveil their best and worst lists of the year.

This is especially the case when it comes to the arena of consumer electronics and gadgets. This year saw the unveiling of a number of very cool, savvy, and expensive gadgets that brought delight to the masses while others were not so well received and as a result; relegated to the dud pile.

To make matters interesting for you, we have compiled our very own best and worst list. The best consumer gadgets of 2012 as well as the worst.

The Best Consumer Gadgets of 2012

Acer Chromebook C7: This laptop was one of the top reviewed laptops of the season. The design, functionality, and processing speed, make it a great buy.

The Kindle Fire HD: Amazon’s second generation tablet secured the consumer goods brand as a reputable competitor in the tablet market. Bolder, brighter, and lighter than its predecessor, the Fire HD commanded consumer’s attention and made all the other brands take notice. Amazon was in the game for the long haul.

iPhone 5: Love them or hate them, no one can deny the strong hold that Apple has on the smartphone market. Diehard fans were treated to the fifth generation device eating up the iPhone 5 like it was the last smartphone on the earth.

Motorola Droid Razr Maxx HD: This droid is bigger, bolder, and has a longer battery life than its predecessor. The high quality visuals on its stunning HD display are worth the price.

Sony Playstation Vita: Another device that produces high quality visuals, this second generation hand held gaming device had gamers salivating for more.

Nikon D800: This bad boy is probably one of the most popular and well-rated DSLR model consumers rave about in 2012. It includes incredible dynamic range, extremely low noise, vivid colors, 36.3 megapixel FX-format HD-SLR, and 1080P HD cinematic quality video. If that doesn’t strike your fancy you, perhaps its 51-point wide area coverage with 15 cross Type AF sensors will. Lucky for us, you can find a variety of digital cameras and DSLR models from online retailers like Newegg.

The Worst Consumer Gadgets of 2012

Microsoft Surface: The Surface was intended to be Microsoft’s grand ole entry into the world of tablet computers. Hyped alongside the brand new operating system (Windows 8) the Surface was supposed to be a formidable opponent to the Apple iPad. Well, the Surface wasn’t as well received as Microsoft hoped. The reviews were mixed and many users were confused and perplexed over how to operate the software.

D TV: This year saw many technology manufacturers plugging 3D TV models as the biggest thing to hit home entertainment since the blue ray. Unfortunately, 3D TV mania never happened and the products never lived up to the hype.

iPhone 5: Before expressing your outrage over the iPhone making it on both lists, just hear us out. We really do love the iPhone and like all the other generations, the iPhone 5 was released too much consumer fanfare and mayhem. Long lines and rabid consumers who waited in the long lines for hours, were all top headlines upon the debut of the 5th generation device. But was all the fanfare merited? While thinner, sleeker, and slightly longer than previous generations, the iPhone 5 is not all that different from previous models. When it comes to smartphone design and functionality Apple was at the front of the pack. But with so much competition in the marketplace, there are many other great (and dare we say better) smartphone options that have a leg up on the iPhone. What more can Apple really do to improve the iPhone? Unless they build it with a clean the kitchen sink feature, we will remain content with our 4th generation model.

Google Nexus Q: Google really missed the mark with this one. Not only was it overpriced, but the Q didn’t quite match up to its competitors and left users underwhelmed and looking for more.

Arnova Childpad: Pegging itself as a child’s answer to the tablet, the Childpad really missed the mark. Low resolution, clunkly software design, and low battery life plagued this system and relegated it to the “dud” bin.

So there you have it. Our best and worst list of 2012. Free free to discuss with your friends, agree to disagree, and tell us your thoughts as we look to see what new gadgets await us in 2013.

Author Bio: The article is submitted by Courtney. He is a part-time online writer and a full-time photographer and tech geek. For the best digital cameras, Courtney recommends looking for one that includes optical zoom, wide-angle lens, high speed AF, and powerful core specs.

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