Watch Series 2 vs Gear S3 – The Never Ending Battle

Watch Series 2 vs Gear S3

Samsung and Apple, the two tech companies that go head to head on the smartphone market are also the same two companies that compete on the smartwatch market. Apple was the first one to launch their Series 2 smartwatch which was designed more towards fitness activities and just after that Samsung decided to launch their own smartwatch line, the Gear S3. The two tech giants created great gadgets and right now we are going to pin the two gadgets against each other and see which one prevails.


Design has always been an important feature, but now it became even more important because customers will wear the gadget on their wrist. Apple has designed a beautiful rectangular device that’s equipped with an amazing touch screen display and has a chassis made from stainless steel giving the watch a sleeker look. On the other hand Samsung went the traditional way and designed their watch to be circular and to make all customers happy, the South Korean tech giant made the watch available in the Classic and Frontier variants. The only difference between the two variants being that the Frontier one has a more military look and LTE connectivity because it’s designed for outdoor activities.


Right from the start we can tell you that Samsung wins this round. The reason why Samsung’s Gear S3 benefits from a bigger battery life is because of its large size. It’s not like Apple’s watch has a bad battery, it’s just designed to give better performances throughout the day and not to last long.


The price these watches feature is the most important factor for the majority of customers and as everyone knows by now, Apple doesn’t shy away from overpricing their products. The Series 2 watch can be bought in the premium ceramic edition for $1,599.99 while Samsung’s Gear S3 costs around $450.

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