Uncharted 4 New Patch Delivers Survival Mode And New Weapons

Naughty Dog’s highly praised Uncharted 4 just received a DLC and finally answers the player’s needs for some additional features like the all new Survival Mode and a few other goodies such as new maps and weapons.

Being available only through download through the PlayStation’s 4 interface the Survival Mode patch awaits players to enjoy the new available gameplay to its full extent. The Survival Mode is basically a co-op mode where groups of players defend against 50 different waves that increase in difficulty with each round of enemies being defeated.

The DLC content consists of 2 new maps, Prison and Train Wreck. It also brings the addition of 5 Flashback Weapons: Desert 5 pistol which falls under the category of Heavy Weapon, M4 Assault Rifle, PAK-80 Light Machine Gun and a Para 9 automatic pistol and a Micro 9mm automatic pistol. Music was also not neglected as Uncharted 2&3 audio was added as well.

Some modifications were made to the economy as the vanity DLC chest price got reduced to 300 Relics from 2000 and the Premium Vanity DLC chest got halved to 1500 from 3000 Relics while all Uncharted Point prices got permanent Summer Sale level reductions ranging from 25% to 40% off.

VIP status is also made available through buying Uncharted Points that offer players a permanent 20% bonus to Relics awarded from challenges.  If one wishes to buy more than 300 Uncharted Points they will receive Relic Boosters that offer a 300% bonus to Relics received from Multiplayer matches.

The update also brought some important bug fixes and balance changes as Mysticals weren’t able to activate after purchasing them while dead, Plunder spawn weight was adjusted, an exploit was fixed on the level Auction and Saviors do not stand still while the owner is being choked by a Hunter.

This update was highly sought after as it brought more diversity and important changes to the ever so popular game.

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