PlayStation App Now On Android and iPhone

Recently Sony unveiled its very own and official PlayStation app which will be available on Android and iPhone. Sadly, it does not include any games and there are no surprises, it simply allows you to track your PSN account. The app will let you check on your PSN friends, check their trophies and compare with others.

Later in Europe the application will also be a medium for Sony to announce news and release dates for new and upcoming PS2, PS3 and PSP. It will also have the official company blog, social media sharing options and a future update will allow direct commenting on posts.

Sony has mentioned that the app will soon be available in European countries starting France, Germany, Italy, Spain and UK while other European countries will follow later. The availability for the app in US and other regions is not yet announced. Android users need version 1.6 or higher while iPhone users will need iOS 4.

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