Hewlett-Packard brings the New DreamScreen 400 to Indian Consumers

Everybody wants to be a part of the growing Indian market and hence HP does something unique and innovative with its newly launched HP DreamScreen 400. However, before I start talking I would like to be very clear that I have not seen the device in action, with this post I have also send across a mail to the guys at HP expecting to know more about the DreamScreen as the press release just raised a lot of questions, hope they get back and I get to update you guys. Anyways, let us see what the HP DreamScreen 400 is all about.

It seems like a device which to attempts to replace your television set in a very innovative manner. It has a touch enabled display and I believe it runs proprietary software which brings some great applications at your disposal. According to HP it is designed to offer relevant content including educational information, video chat capability, games, music, movies, web browsing, news and also temple darshans (like the ones on Tata Sky) but at a price. It will allow users to video chat with their friends and family, book train and air tickets, watch movies online or via a DVD/VCD.

To enrich this India specific experience, HP has partnered with Airtel and Tata Teleservices for Internet connectivity options, Apalya & Tata Communications for Live Darshans (Temple Darshans), Bill Desk which obviously helps you to pay your bills online, Edurite for Education related information, Hungama which will provide music and movie content while Music Today will also add up to the music content, India Games for things which are very obvious, India Today for media content, NDTV for news as well as daily horoscope and Yatra to help you book your travel tickets.

Honestly, I am not sure how the DreamScreen 400 works, but it sounds a really amazing thing to happen in the Indian markets, such content oriented devices are now showing up in the market and it is obvious that they will soon replace various other devices. However, HP may really have to pull out their marketing guns if they want this to be a success as impaling the thoughts of the Indian consumer and creating new needs for them is not an easy task.

Stay in touch, I will update you once I receive the reply from HP guys.

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