Xiaomi’s New Bigger Tablet to Fuel Further Growth

Xiaomi is one of the tech companies with the fastest rise and it seems that a new bigger tablet is on its way to ensure that the company maintains its positive growth.

According to some recently leaked information, first discovered on the database of GFX BenchmarK by the guys over at GizChina, the company is currently working on the Xiaomi 201811, which should be the internal codename for an upcoming bigger, 9.2-inch tablet.

The upcoming Android tablet from Xiaomi is said to boast a 9.2-inch 720p display screen, which is a rather unusual screen choice, but it will most likely feel similar in the hands of consumers with other similarly sized slates. The previous Xiaomi MiPad has a display size of 7.9-inch, so this new one will be slightly bigger.

Other rumored specs are 1GB RAM, 8GB built-in memory, and a 64bit Snapdragon 410 processor with Qualcomm Adreno 306. While these are not necessarily top-notch specs, the device is expected to be available at a budget price, following Xiaomi’s strategy of making smartphones and tablets available to everybody. If priced right, the new tablet will help the company drive further growth to its increasing sales.

xiaomi new big tablet

The GFX Benchmark reveals that the Xiaomi tablet will run Android 4.4.4, as there are slim chances that the Chinese maker will release Android 5.0 Lollipop for it. Other miscellaneous features include OpenGL ES 3.0, accelerometer, WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, light sensor, rear camera, face camera, compass, GPS, barometer, proximity sensor, gyroscope, NFC, and single-SIM card slot.

Xiaomi is currently the third biggest smartphone manufacturer in the mobile market, which speaks about how fast the company has expanded. As it looks to expand further outside its domestic market, this novel company is putting a lot of pressure not only on its Android ‘fellow’ companies, but it can even challenge Apple, as more consumers are focusing on budget purchases.

One of the first markets that Xiaomi has attacked besides China is India, and by the looks of it, this has been a wise decision for the company. Not only do they manage to produce cheap devices, but they also have distribution channels well set-up.

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