Official VLC App for Windows Phone to be Available for Download Soon

SummaryThe official free download of the VLC app for Windows Phone device will soon become public, so make sure you keep checking the Store, just in case it pops up

Windows Phone is getting a lot more love these days from developers, as we’ve seen recently that Dropbox has finally decided to release an official for users of Microsoft’s mobile operating system.

Now, we’re hearing news that the official VLC App for Windows Phone device will soon be available for download. Described as one of the most versatile media players, the release of VLC on Windows Phone has been greatly expected, and now we’re getting closer to that moment.

Thomas Nigro, who is on the members of the VideoLAN team, which is behind the VLC product, said the following recently on his Twitter account:

What I can say without any doubt is before the end of the month is a good shot but in my dreams it would be next week. Just a dream.

So, this could mean that there’s a chance of seeing VLC on Windows Phone as soon as this week, but my personal bet is on early December, to be honest. Just as in the case with Windows 8 devices, we know how many times it was delayed, so just to be safe, I think we will get VLC on Windows Phone before this Christmas.

vlc app windows phone download

This screenshot shows how the media player will organize all of your content, allowing for easy media playing from SD cards, as well. This new version for Windows Phone is looking strikingly similar to what VideoLAN previewed to be the official VLC app for Windows 10, as well.

VLC has been available on the major mobile platforms and it looks like Windows Phone support is finally being added, as well. So, this means that you should go ahead and uninstall those third-party apps that you found on the store.

To get an early look at how VLC will act and feel on your Windows Phone device, have a look at the video from below. Remember that this is an early beta build, but by the looks of it, the user interface should remain pretty much the same.

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