Samsung Gear S3 to be Available on November 18

Samsung Gear S3 to be Available on November 18

Since Samsung has unveiled their new devices, Samsung Gear S3 in August at the IFA, they did not reveal other additional information about it. While at the same time Apple has announced its own line of Apple Watches.

The preorders for the Gear S3 have been available since yesterday, the 6th of November and they will hit retailer’s shelves just before the Christmas season pops up. These devices are going to be available at stores such as Amazon, Macy’s, Best Buy and obviously on Samsung’s personal website.

The Samsung watches are going to be available in two different models the Classic model and the Frontier one. The price is going to be the same for both of the versions, and they will cost $350. The only difference being the aspect that they bring and that the Frontier model is going to come with LTE support. The Frontier one is going to come with LTE support because it is an outdoor themed watch, and in case of a sticky situation it might come quite in handy.

Samsung’s Gear S3 is going to be quite large in size. They will ship with 42 mm cases, and it will be 0.51 inches thick. Both of the devices are water proof and also dust resistant. The display they will sport is a 1.3 inch display, and they will also come with Samsung Pay compatibility giving the user the option to leave his wallet at home. The smart watches are going to come with 4 GB of internal storage space and they are going to be powered by 380 mAh batteries that can last up to three days after a full charge.

The price of the devices might still vary a bit, since they will come in 4G versions as well and that price is going to be decided their network carriers.

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