Windows 10 Insider 14960 with Fast Ring Build Rumors


The Windows 10 Insider is a program that gives its users the option to sign up for beta versions of the operating system that are available only for Microsft developers at first, and they can check out the new updates and give feedback. The program is available at the moment on different platforms, and it can be found on platforms such as Xbox devices, Mobile smartphones or PCs. The program has received more build updates over time for the said platforms, and a new build for Windows 10 Insider Fast Ring is being built right now.

A twitter user named “Core Insider Program” has made many leaks regarding technology updates over time, and he is considered to be a trust source. In a series of Tweets, the source confirmed that the release candidate was the 14959 version and the upcoming build to be released is going to be 14960.

What the source basically meant in his tweets is that there were some unknown issues with the 15959 build and that is the reason that they skipped it, and that the 14960 build has to pass a few tests before it can be rolled out to users.

The new Fast Ring Insiders 14960 version was compiled on 28th October, and this was confirmed by the website BuildFeed, which specializes in Fast Ring Insiders updates. This means that it had a few days to be put in tests and see if there are going to be any bugs, and if the test results come out good, Windows 10 users should expect their update to come any day now.

All we can do now is to wait for Dona Sarkar, the Leader of the Windows Insider Program at Microsoft, to officially announce the update roll out for devices that run on Windows 10 OS. And after it gets announced we can go and update our devices.

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