UK’s High Court Has Ordered 53 Online Piracy Services to be Blocked

The UK seems to be serious in its fight against online piracy. The United Kingdom’s High Court has ordered six internet service providers to block as much as 53 online piracy services.

The majority of the complaints has been made by The Motion Picture Association (MPA). The organization says that blocking access to such websites was an “accepted and legitimate measure” in the fight against online piracy.

Right now, the list of banned sites totals 93, with six Internet Service Providers banning their users from accessing the piracy sites – BT, Sky, Everything Everywhere (EE), Talk Talk, O2 and Virgin. Chris Marcich, President of the Motion Picture Association’s European Division, said the following:

uk piracy sites

Securing court orders requiring ISPs to block access to illegal websites is an accepted and legitimate measure to tackle online copyright infringement.

Britain’s largest telecoms and broadband provider, BT, also shared its input:

BT will only block access to websites engaged in online copyright infringement when ordered to do so.

Some of the banned websites include – Isohunt, Sumotorrent, Torrentdb, Torrentfunk, Warez BB, Torrentz, Rapid Moviez, BitSoup, IP Torrents among others. It seems that smaller ISPs are not required to block the websites, which is good news for those relying on torrent websites and bad for the copyright holders.

Of course, not everybody agrees with this move. The Internet Service Providers Association (ISPA), which is a trade association for internet services, criticised the blocks as a “relatively blunt tool”. The association previously said that the industry should focus on creating better legal services instead of trying to fight against online copyright infringement.

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