VR Immersion will be Enhanced with the use of Spatial Sound

Virtual technology is slowly but surely taking over the world. Right now, the industry is ruled by Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. However, this is going to change since Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 10 update includes features which will enable its partners such as Acer, Dell, HP and many others to also create VR headsets.

Virtual Reality Technology

At its core, VR headsets basically bring a display so close to users face that it “fools” their senses to believe they are actually experiencing what the display is showing them. In order for this to function, VR headsets rely heavily on immersion. Sound plays an important role in VR immersion and the reason we are talking about VR today is a because a new technology is aiming to take sound to the next level.

Sound Immersion

While computer graphics keep on improving with every year, sound is always the same. However, a new VR technology is going to change that. The most significant development in terms of VR sound is “spatial audio”. This technology is specially designed to mimic the real-life pitch of volume, audio cues and reverberation levels that the brain would expect in a real-world experience.

Kai Havukainen who is the Senior Product manager for audio at Nokia Technology stated the following regarding spatial audio: “Without hearing we can sense what happens in those directions around us where we cannot see, such as car tires screeching behind us, and react – jump out of the way- without the need for visual input”.

Every major tech company is already working with spatial sound and we can be sure that it will be introduced in VR headsets during the upcoming future. For example, Nokia 8 features OZO Audio software which makes use of the smartphone’s multiple microphones to record surround sound.

The aforementioned feature enhances the smartphone’s audio recording capabilities and makes recordings sound so much better. Nonetheless, Microsoft is also introducing spatial sound in its upcoming Widows 10 Mixed Reality update that’s focused towards enhancing VR experiences.

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