2018 iPad Pro Will Feature Facial Recognition Software and Bezel Less Display

Last month, Apple made history when it released iPhone X. This smartphone refreshed everyone’s idea of what an iPhone should look like and it completely changed up the expectations for future Apple devices. The feature that stood out the most when Apple introduced iPhone X was its TrueDepth camera and Face ID 3D laser face-scanning technology.

Apple pushed aside the traditional 3D Touch Home button which unlocked smartphones through fingerprint scans and decided to opt for a more futuristic face scanning software. Not only is this new method of unlocking iPhones cooler, but it’s also easier and safer. The question that remains is if Apple will use the same technology on the upcoming 2018 iPad Pro? Fortunately for us, the KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo answered this question for us.

 Feature Facial Recognition Software

Right from the start, we need to mention that the KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has an impeccable track record of predicting Apple’s every more. In fact, some might say that Ming-Chi Kuo knows Apple every move even before Apple decides what to do. Nonetheless, this gives credit to Ming-Chi Kuo’s confident prediction that the upcoming 2018 iPad Pro will feature Face ID Scanner technology.

Bezel Less Display

As everyone already knows, iPhone X and Galaxy Note 8 which are the world’s most powerful and popular smartphones ship with bezel less displays. This design change is actually what forced Apple to develop this new facial recognition software since it didn’t have any extra place where to equip a fingerprint scanner.

With that being said, Apple is certainly going to equip 2018 iPad Pro with a bezel less panel which automatically means that the tablet will also ship without a fingerprint scanner. Therefore, the upcoming iPad Pro models are certainly going to be something special.

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